30-year Reunion

In the spring of 1982, Darrell Epp first became a dialysis patient at St. Paul’s Hospital. His prognosis was bleak and doctors feared he might not live more than 18 months.

At 27, Darrell’s kidneys were beginning to fail due to complications from Type 1 diabetes. But thanks to three kidney transplants – two of which were performed by PHC’s Dr. Landsberg  – home hemodialysis, dialysis at St. Paul’s (where he currently dialyses at least three times a week) and an involved clinical team, Darrell is now 61 years old and possibly one of the world’s longest surviving renal patients.

As testament to the connectivity between a care team and a patient, when an opportunity for Darrell to reunite with his then-social worker, head nurse, and doctor presented itself last spring, word of the reunion quickly spread and several others arranged to be part of the reunion including a retired nurse and technician, and two of the nephrologists and clinical nurse leader, Amable Cruz, who currently cares for Darrell.


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